Friday, September 23, 2016

Philosophy Wire: Robot surgery. So? [Philosophy vs. Medicine 1-0]

Philosophy Wire by Spiros Kakos [2016-09-23]: A robot has for the first time carried out fully autonomous surgery on a live subject: an intestinal anastomosis on a pig, during which two loops of intestine were stitched together. Four surgeries were carried out and all the subjects survived without complications. When compared to the intestinal anastomosis procedures carried out both manually by experienced surgeons and with existing robot-assisted surgical techniques using the daVinci Surgical System, STAR was found to outperform both in terms of surgical quality. The results of the procedures were assessed on factors such as "consistent suture spacing, which helps to promote healing, and in withstanding higher leak pressures, as leakage can be a significant complication from anastomosis surgery". [1] For many years now we believe we are machines and slowly we will become machines. Because we want to. We have neglected our soul and we only care about our body. Fix the computer. Put some additional RAM. And a new SSD disk. Add a wireless mouse. Look closely. No, it is not alive. You are just stupid.

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