Sunday, February 28, 2016

Philosophy Wire: The weekends kills you. (and so does paid science)

Philosophy Wire by Spiros Kakos [2016-02-28]: Many of us struggle to wake up early on workdays. So when the weekend rolls around, we tend to reward ourselves with a couple extra hours of sleep. Having one sleep schedule on workdays and another on off days is known as ‘social jet lag'. While extra rest feels like a luxury, experts warn that it may be detrimental to our health. A disrupted sleep schedule can increase your risk of diabetes and heart disease, a new study revealed. [1] Science which all by accident says whatever is good for the businesses. Paid science which has not human as its main interest, but only the ones which really matter for it: its sponsors. In the old days science and religion were one. In the old days human was in the epicenter of the search for truth. Now truth has value. And human is vanished from all the equations. Look at the universe through a telescope. You will see an empty darkness. Look at the people next to you under the starry sky. This is science. Sleep well in the weekend. Monday is coming.

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