Saturday, February 20, 2016

Philosophy Wire: Peaches – Humans 1-0

Philosophy Wire by Spiros Kakos [2016-02-20]: Researchers in China have made a sweet find — eight fossilized peach pits, nearly identical to the peaches that grow today. The fossils predate the existence of modern humans and even our ancestor, Homo erectus. These well-preserved pits date back more than two and a half million years. This is the first discovery of fossilized peaches, and suggests that the fruit evolved through natural selection well before domestication by humans. [1] How arrogant. We believe everything is related to us. But even the humble peach existed before we did. Let us look better the world around us and let us acknowledge our mediocrity. This is our grandeur. A peach cannot ponder on its existence. We the petty humans can define our existence. By simply accepting it. Well, said well I have! Let me eat a peach now! Miam miam!

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