Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Philosophy Wire: Gay Superman? NO!

character_bio_576_supermanPhilosophy Wire by Spiros Kakos [2013-02-13]: Gay rights activists protest and shout about the decision of the Superman comics creator to hire a homophobic author to write the new series of the hero. [source: web news] Since when loving gays (or “homosexuals”) is obligatory?!?!? YES, gays have all the rights people have! We have SOLVED THIS MATTER a long time ago! Get over it! Again: Since when loving gays is obligatory?!?!? Should we have a super-gay (since he is… Super-man) Superman, just for change? Just to show how much we all love gays, how much we all like to look like them, how much we accept them and wish all our children be like them? I ‘ve had enough of this hypocritical behavior and this oppression of the role models IMPOSED by society – just in order not to be called a “fascist”, a “conservative”, a man with “complexes”. If we must accept homosexuals, then they must also accept those who do not accept them! (see here) I DO NOT WANT the new writer of Superman to have weird thoughts when he sketches the hero saving a MAN from a fire!!! As simple as that.

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