Saturday, December 8, 2012

Philosophy Wire: Unified Theory of Boredom. Booooring…..

bored_baby_horiz-079_thumb[1]Philosophy Wire by Spiros Kakos [2012-12-08]: Many scientific theories have been proposed to explain boredom. Unfulfilled unconscious desire? A mismatch between our need for arousal and the ability of our environment to meet it? The desiring of satisfying engagement but not being able to achieve it? Or maybe it is that when you are unable to engage your attention in the task at hand, you start to feel bored? Or maybe… [source: Boston Globe] Well, I didn’t finish up the whole article. I got bored. I say each person and every moment in time is different. And when you try to reach to a Universal Theory of Boredom you are missing the point. We are all one and yet every one of us is special. And personally, I am not interested in learning why I am not interested in something which looks to me… not interesting.

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