Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ancient knowledge and Modern oblivion

Many ancient texts contain knowledge that "should not" be common for the time of their writing. This is what makes many people think that an advanced civilization once existed on the planet, long before the "official" human history we now "know" started. It is difficult to list all examples in a short text, but some should be enough to just make someone who is open-minded think...

For example, how can apples play such a major role in so many tales of the ancient (like ancient Greek myths or the Bible)? Modern science has found that the DNA sequence of apples contains actually all of the genes found in other fruits, thus "promoting" apples to the top position in the fruits genealogy. Could this be a forgotten knowledge of an ancient civilization, which affected so many myths we know? [,]

How can ancient texts refer to cataclysmic events like global floods, which have recently been proved as event that really took place by modern science?
How can ancient texts of Homer refer to robots?
How can ancient texts of Bible refer to the creation of life in water first, something which biology proved right only some years ago?
How can ancient texts to the creation of "light" first, something which can easily be connected to the Big Bank explosion modern astronomy holds as the "truth" for our cosmos creation?
How can new ideas of life evolving from organic matter that came to Earth from Cronos after a collision with an asteroid, be in agreement with ancient myths (see Hesiod) about how Cronos ate a rick (instead of Zeus)? [] How come that ancient theories about Ether are now coming back strong in modern astronomy?

And the catalogue moves on...
We think that we progress and that knowledge accumulates.
But we tend to forget that forgetting is also a human ability...

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